Why is this something I should invest in?

For every car that’s documented in a magazine, there are thousands that aren’t. This means their history isn’t traceable other than recollections or an oral story.

“We got it all mouth-to-mouth. So you gotta listen it and remembers.”

We are past that. Not everyone remembers very well, especially if it’s not their car. As time moves on and cars change hands, and owners pass away, their stories often go with them. Cars are then a sum of their parts with a mystery. Time and again cars surface with little or no known history.

Add Value

It makes a difference. Knowing the history of a car makes it more valuable. As time moves on we do not know what current factors may influence future value. Builders on the upswing, famous owners, or milestone awards that seem insignificant in the present. James Dean was relatively unknown when he owned a few of his cars. Having a documented one that he drove significantly impacts the value.

Preserve History

Even if your car isn’t destined to become a collectible museum piece, it’s important for posterity to know who and why. To establish a traceable lineage and timeline for a car. If nothing else, for your family and your heirs.

Prevent Deception

It also provides a record that stops people from wrongfully taking credit. It’s not unheard of for people to claim they built a car, or “did all the work themselves” after simply changing the wheels or paint color. Nothing is more frustrating than printing a magazine and previous owners offer the REAL story. Usually they’re mad at the author. All we do is ask questions and trust the owners to be honest.

 Just to have it written down.

Sure, you know what you did and when you did it, but my job is to write it out for you. It’s what I get out of bed to do, and I’ve made a pretty good living doing it. I’m an Irish car guy. Who better to spin an effective story than me? I’ve honed my skills to write concisely and effectively. I pack 10 pounds in a 5 pound sack while keeping it lively and the reader focused.

Don’t let someone else take the credit for your hard work. Better yet, don’t let your car fall into obscurity.

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