Below is a collection of people who will be very happy to vouch for my whereabouts on Saturday, December 12th… wait… wrong group.

I’m proud to have worked with these guys and done their stories justice.

“Brandon has written for me for years. More than any other writer I’ve worked with, his genuine passion and personal experience with all things automotive comes to life when he tells the story of a cool car. Brandon’s unique skill set allows him to develop the creation of the car as well as the characters behind the sheet metal. That takes special talent.”


-John Drummond

Editor, Goodguys Gazette


“In this business passion is a must, but along with that you have to have the drive and ability.  Brandon has all three along with an incredible amount of historical knowledge.  He is also very personable and a lot of fun, which helps in finding the “extra” in the story that makes it so much more interesting and informative.”

-Dave Lane

FastLane Rod Shop

Yes, let’s do it!


My Car's Story

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