Let’s Do it!

Yes! I’d like to preserve the story of my car’s history today.

Please fill out the tech sheet below and I will contact you with the next steps. You will need a few photos I can look at. 3/4 front, 3/4 rear, engine and interior. Cell phone photos ok.

Phone interviews generally take 35-45 minutes and should be distraction free. Let me know the best time of day to call.
Coupe, Roadster, etc. Aftermarket company if applicable.
List any body mods and who did the body work:
List the interior components. Seats, dash, steering wheel, gauges, shifter, upholstery material and any other details.
Brief summary of the car's story. (found in a barn, first car, etc.) Don't write a book, that's my job. 🙂 Keep it brief.

Once the form is complete, hit the automated Paypal link for the $199 payment:


and I will contact you to set up an interview time. Thank you!

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