Will your car's story live on or fade away? 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much is it and how can I pay?

The price is $300.00 and I currently accept Paypal or checks. Or cash. Credit cards will be directly accepted once I get the site dialed in, but I do have a business number, if that helps your business.

What do I get for my money?

You will get a high-quality, professionally written 1100-1800 word story on your car. Written as a magazine article. You will also get a tech sheet. You will receive a dated and signed printed copy of both, and a jump drive with four electronic copies. One PDF, one Word document, scanned jpeg copies of the printed sheets and one '"future proof" text file.

Do I own the article?

You will become the owner of the text. Once my job is finished, it's yours to keep.

Can I modify it?

You can re-write the entire thing if you'd like. However, my signed and dated copy will be the true original. But if you need to modify it to fit another format, or use parts of it or even get mad at your painter and delete his name, it's yours to do as you see fit. My job is done.

What can I do with it?

In addition to keeping it with your car's records, you can use the text on a website, car show display board, newsletter, or even have somebody shoot the car and send it into a magazine. Or call PhotoSports and have them make you a cool man cave magazine-style spread to hang on your wall.

What if I lose my copies?

Everything is archived and replaceable.

Do you write about anything other than cars?

Yes. I am coin operated. I also have a good working knowledge of most things mechanical. If it has an engine and a story, let me at it. Tractors, motorcycles, planes, old stationary engines, trucks, boats, guns... you name it.

What about non-mechanical things?

I enjoy writing about the history of companies, shops, events and people. If you need any "about us" type content, let me know. Additionally I also handle any product or service-based copywriting. Product descriptions, advertising text and concepting, or press releases. See my portfolio and let me help you say what you mean.