About Me

My Name is Brandon Flannery

I’ve been writing car features for over 15 years and love every minute of it.

Brandon Flannery writer of My Car's Story car stories.

I capture elements often overlooked and weave them into an informative, yet entertaining story readers will finish. 50 years from now the history will remain  not only correct, but memorable.

I moved to California in 2001 on the promise of a job interview with Car Kulture Deluxe magazine. That title was sold and continues today.

We then started Traditional Rod & Kulture Illustrated right after that and recently printed our 50th issue.

In 2004 I became a Features Editor for the Goodguys Rod & Custom and their Gazette. I spent the next 10 years covering everything in hot rodding and still write for them today.

Weary of the travel in 2015 I went to work as a content and copywriter for COMP Cams in Memphis. I also wrote for various titles of their Xceleration Media including: Street Rod Life, Drag Racing Scene, One Dirt, Power & Performance News, and Gearheads for Life.

Currently I write for the Goodguys Gazette, Fuel Curve, and The American Tri-Five magazine.

Here’s a link to my portfolio:


I love listening to somebody talk about their car, writing it up in a concise manner, and them love it. It’s why I get out of bed in the morning. Please allow me to write the story of your car.

Add value, prevent deception, and preserve history.


Yes, let’s do it!My Car's Story

Brandon Flannery of My Car's Story and his 73 Plymouth Satellite Sebring the Blue Goose.
The Blue Goose!

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